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Paint Additive makes paint Fire Resistant

Flame Guard
Fire Resistant Paint Additive

fire retardant protection for all paint Protect Your Property and Family

Flame Guard ™ is an approved class "A"or "B" flame spread paint additive treatment that forms a burn-resistant surface insulating the substrate from the flame, thus slowing flame spread.

Fire retarding Flame Guard, when used as directed, reduces the flame spread rate of combustible interiors in structures such as animal shelters, grain bins, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, daycare's, churches, as well as private dwellings.
Once added to latex paint, Flame Guard does not adversely affect the color, spread rate, or curing time of the paint or coating.
Flame Guard is a cost effective solution for providing a burn-resistant, insulating surface.
Benefits - Features:

  • Granular, easy-to mix form
  • Lasts as long as the paint
  • Economical - easy to use
  • Works in any Interior Latex Paint
  • Disposable, environmentally friendly packaging
Use FLAME GUARD Fire Resistant Additive
* In any Hy-Tech Insulating paint,
* In your own paint
* With or without Hy-Tech Insulating Additive !

Flame Guard is packaged in 6 oz. packages,
$20.00 Per Package.
1 Package per gallon of latex paint = "Class B" fire rating
2 Packages per gallon of paint = "Class A" fire rating. Special discounted pricing is available for schools, nursing homes and other commercial applications, Contact our office for pricing.

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